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At a time when the British invasion and folk rock were culturally dominant, Fuller stuck to Buddy Holly's style of classic rock and roll with Tex Mex flourishes. His recordings reveal the influence of Eddie Cochran, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Little Richard and the Everly Brothers in cover recordings and original compositions, as well as instrumental surf guitar. Less well known was Fuller's ability to emulate the reverb-laden surf guitar sounds of Dick Dale and the Ventures. His first Top… read more

The record wasn't what you'd call a hit...unless you lived in El Paso, where it was played frequently on local station KELP. The door had been opened for the Fuller brothers to make another record. This time they went straight to the source of their inspiration, beyond Alamagordo, past Roswell, further northeast to Clovis, New Mexico and the Norman Petty studios where Holly had made his historic recordings. "My Heart Jumped," the more polished second single, was also released by Yucca. Around this time they set up a recording studio at home with the approval of mom and dad (who were cooler than your parents or mine), putting out a single on their own Eastwood label (named after Eastwood High School in El Paso). Holly's "Not Fade Away" was one of the songs, though in spite of strong musicianship and improved acoustics, it came off more along the lines of a cheapo Tops label knockoff. Back to the drawing board, guys!

The Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The LawThe Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The LawThe Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The LawThe Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law